57 TikTok Stats to Know in 2023

since launch in 2018, TikTok has achieved millions of downloads globally. It can also be a bit of a mystery as TikTok doesn’t always disclose key app metrics.

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As someone who got sucked into the app, hearted hundreds of posts, and even made a few videos, I’m pretty sure this platform is going to be around for a while.

To help you make an informed decision about your strategy, we’ll cover key TikTok statistics and facts to know.

Already know what statistics you’re looking for? Get there with this table of contents:

57 TikTok Stats to Know in 2023

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Before we jump into the overall TikTok stats, let’s review some key statistics and best practices for marketers to know when using the app.

User base, downloads and growth

Within the first year of TikTok, it reportedly reached 500 million monthly active usersS. While once thought to be a fluke, TikTok’s growth has only skyrocketed since then.

  • In September 2021, TikTok celebrated reaching 1 billion monthly active users. ,TIC Toc,
  • TikTok’s original standalone app Douyin had 300 million users in China when Musical.ly merged with TikTok. ,brink)
  • In 2022, TikTok was the most downloaded app globally (850 million downloads), followed by Instagram and WhatsApp. ,Statista,


While the user base of Tiktok Gen-Z dominates in the United StatesAdoption among millennials is on the rise. And, although it may seem like TikTok is huge in the US, the app’s biggest audience actually comes from China, where the platform is said to Douyin,

Here are the details of the key demographics of TikTok. Please note that audience data for non-identified individuals is not reported within the binary.

  • The biggest age group of Tiktok is between 18 to 24 years old. ,Statista,
  • 54.1% of global TikTok users are female, and 45.9% are male. ,data report,
  • 62% of Gen Z use Tiktok and spend most time on Tiktok.(HubSpot Blog Research,
  • TikTok is the best platform for Gen Z to build an active community. ,HubSpot Blog Research,
  • By January 2023, the most viewers on Tiktok are from America, Indonesia and Brazil. ,Statista,
  • Tiktok is now available in over 200 countries. ,Oberlo,

user behavior

TikTok is a fast paced app. the second you log in, You see a video at the top of the feed It’s algorithmically curated around your interests.

From my own experience, TikTok can easily cause you to spend more time than you often expect watching an endless stream of comedy videos. Since these videos can be anywhere from 6 seconds to 10 minutes long, the app is ideal for those seeking quick entertainment or longer content.

Due to the fast pace and entertainment factor of TikTok, the below statistics are not surprising:

  • According to a leaked deck from TikTok, the average user spends 89 minutes per day on the app. ,worldwide music business,
  • TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store. ,Statista,
  • 36% of Gen Z consumers and 22% of Millennials want to learn about products through short-form videos like TikTok. ,HubSpot Blog Research,
  • 88% of people on TikTok reported that sound is important to the overall app experience on the platform. ,TIC Toc,
  • 46% of TikTok users engage with content on TikTok without getting distracted or using multiple screens at once. ,TIC Toc,
  • A quarter of US adults under the age of 30 regularly get news on TikTok. ,Pew Research Center,
  • 38% of TikTok users say that entertaining ads teach them something new. ,TIC Toc,
  • TikTokers say that ads are engaging when they are funny, personalized and uplifting. ,TIC Toc,
  • 4 out of 5 users say that TikTok is very or extremely entertaining. ,TIC Toc,
  • TikTok users are 23% more likely than average to say that feeling of participation would motivate them to promote an organization online. ,gwi,

effect of tiktok

  • The TikTok community engages with content on the platform more frequently and consistently than on other social media platforms. ,neuro-insight,
  • When users view a brand’s organic TikTok content before their paid ads, there is a 27% increase in brand recall. ,Neurons Inc.,
  • TikTok users are 1.3 times more likely to agree that the platform helps them hear different points of view than they normally would, compared to other entertainment and social brands. ,Material,
  • TikTok users are 1.3 times more likely to learn about products and trends before their peers. ,content and tiktok,
  • Users of TikTok are twice as likely to recommend something they find on the platform than users of other channels. ,TIC Toc,
  • Ads that are viewed for less than six seconds still have a higher impact on TikTok than ads that are viewed for 20 seconds or more. ,TIC Toc,
  • Brands are remembered 40% more on TikTok than on other platforms.
  • 71% of TikTok users who took action off the platform say that TikTok shows them exactly what they are looking for. ,market cast,

shopping on tiktok

  • 2 out of 3 users are likely to buy something while on the platform. ,TIC Toc,
  • 50% of Tiktok users have bought something after watching Tiktok live. ,TIC Toc,
  • Compared to users of traditional social platforms, users of TikTok are twice as likely to recommend a product or service they discovered on the app and are 1.5 times more successful at convincing others to try the product or service. ,content and tiktok,
  • 55% of users use TikTok to research new brands or products. ,TIC Toc)

  • 50% of TikTok users reported feeling joyful, excited or happy about the products they purchased, which is 25% higher than traditional social platforms. ,TIC Toc,

  • More than half of users search for details on where to buy products viewed on the platform. ,TIC Toc)

Viral Trends and Influencers on Tiktok

TikTok has opened doors for influencers, comedians, meme creators and even some brands. Here are some interesting facts about viral trends and influencers on the app:

Here’s a compilation of TikTok’s #CowboyChallenge where people wearing normal clothes cut themselves up to sing “Old Town Road” in cowboy costumes.

Business, Income and Competition

TikTok’s launch not only put its parent company, ByteDance, on the map, but it also resulted in competition from apps like Facebook, which launched a very similar app called Lasso shortly after TikTok went viral. While TikTok and ByteDance have been less transparent about revenue and other key details, here’s what we know:

Secrets of Tiktok

Although TikTok is a top social platform and is expanding its options for advertisers, it is still new. When a company or startup is new, it is not unusual for leadership to hide the initial numbers even if the brand is successful. In fact, we have seen this with other major companies such as Snapchat And Netflix,

Despite the launch of tiktok for business In mid-2020, there is still much to learn as the global teams of TikTok and ByteDance continue to remain tight-lipped about key metrics. In the coming years, as TikTok continues to attract more advertisers, it wouldn’t be surprising if we start to see more transparent information about the app and its user base.

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