30 fashion brands marketers can learn from on instagram.

Between carefully crafted photos, expertly targeted ads and a decisive adoption of Instagram Stories, no other B2C industry is flourishing on Instagram like the beauty and apparel industry.

best clothing brands on instagram

Some of the best clothing brands on Instagram are masters of consumer engagement, and businesses in any industry can learn something from these inspirational feeds. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 30 clothing brands — big and small — crushing the sport. For an in-depth look at how to build a presence on Instagram, Check Out Our Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing,

30 best clothing brands to follow on instagram.

1. Telfer @telfar

Telfar is a luxury brand known for its bags and clothing. Like many of the brands on the list, it uses Instagram to share information about its products paired with high-quality product photos, videos, and user-generated content.

Best Instagram clothing brand: Telfar

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2. J.J. crew @jcrew

J.Crew has mastered the art of follower engagement on Instagram. Its vibrant feed inspires followers, whether through daily updated stories, in-feed product announcements, or style inspo.

3. Anthropology @anthropology

With colorful images of its bright and patterned styles, Anthropologie’s feed is a visual smorgasbord of inspiration.

Instagram clothing brand: Anthropologie

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4. Girlfriend Collective @Friend

Girlfriend Collective Experienced Explosive Social Media Growth After Advertising free leggings promotion, Its feed engages customers with stunning product photography of its minimalist styles and funny memes related to its products.

Best Instagram Clothing Brands: Girlfriend Collective

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5. BRKLN Block @brklynbloke

Brkln Bloke is a Brooklyn-based streetwear brand that has mastered the art of sharing its products out in the wild, giving followers style inspiration for their purchases.

Best Instagram clothing brands: BRKLNbloc

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6. Nike @nike

The behemoth athletic brand has enthusiastically embraced video content and regularly shares clips with its impressive 263 million followers. Its feed features an inspiring mix of professional athletes and everyday people, which directly aligns with its brand mission that Nike is for everyone.

7. Paloma Wool @palomawool

>In the image below, Paloma Wool shares a carousel of photos, showing viewers different ways to wear one of their products, the Berlin Multi-Position Belt. This gives wearers and onlookers inspiration for how to use the product and can even inspire new purchases if someone sees a style they like.

Best Instagram clothing brand: Paloma Wool

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8. Kate Spade @katespadey

Despite being a well-established label, Kate Spade’s Instagram has a distinctly personal touch that sets it apart from similar brands. Its profile features outfit pictures, snaps from around New York, and a behind-the-scenes look at the design process at the Kate Spade studio.

9. Hermoza @the_hermoza

Hermoza leverages one of Instagram’s impressive core features—shoppable posts and a storefront. Each post has a “view shop” CTA, and clicking on it takes the audience to an Instagram storefront where they can discover more products or even make a purchase without leaving the app.

Best Instagram clothing brand: Hermoza

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10. Sunny’s House @houseofsunny

House of Sunny’s approach to Instagram is worth repeating because it ensures followers always have a source of inspiration to use their products. It specifically draws attention to styling opportunities with a permanent story highlight called “As Seen On,” where people can click through a range of UGC to discover unique ways to style their clothes.

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11. Eileen Fisher @eileenfisherny

Eileen Fisher emphasizes her quality ingredients and eco-friendly production processes on Instagram, and landing on her profile takes you to three pinned posts that showcase the lifecycle of the products she uses and How does it support sustainability?

12. Sandy Liang @sandyliang

Sandy Liang is known for creating unique versions of everyday staples. On Instagram, the brand shares lookbooks for its clothing and accessories, giving followers inspiration for what and how to wear its products. The image below is a lookbook of what to wear when visiting a friend.

Best Instagram clothing brand: Sandiliang

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13. Asos @asos

British online fashion retailer ASOS updates its feed regularly with colorful and bold product features. It stands out from the crowd with a video-first Instagram strategy, only rarely sharing static photos, allowing followers to interact and engage with the content.

14. Arie @ari

Scrolling through Arie’s Instagram feed is like taking a tropical beach getaway. The lingerie and bathing suit brand has been praised for its commitment to unretouched photos in its print ads, and continues this effort on its Instagram, creating a consistent brand image.

Best Instagram clothing brand: Aerie

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15. Ziran @theziran

Ziran merges ancient Chinese techniques, luxury fashion and sustainable practices to create its clothing brand. On its Instagram, behind-the-scenes content, How the Brand Was Made gives people a glimpse into the people and processes that bring their favorite brands to life.

Best Instagram clothing brand: Ziran

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16. M. Leon Dore @aimeleondore

Aime Leon Dore shares product announcements in videos that align with the intended use of the product. For example, the video below announces an upcoming collaboration with Woolrich, a brand well-known for its sustainability. The video featured the model in activities that could cause wear and tear in everyday products, but not those from the Aimé Lyon d’Or x Woolrich collab.

17. Lisa Says Gah @lisasaysgah

It frequently uses Instagram to post restock announcements to let its followers know when their favorite products are available to buy again. Doing so also helps drive more followers to the platform, as people will look to Instagram as a way to get the latest information about their favorite brands.

Best Instagram clothing brands: says Lisa Gah

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18. Tack @tach_clothing

>Tack uses Instagram to share exciting behind-the-scenes content. The image below is a glimpse of its line sheets, which are generally used only as sales tools to present products to buyers. The audience is allowed to join in on the behind-the-scenes action, which can be exciting.

Best Instagram Clothing Brands: Tack Clothing

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> 19. Fossil @fossil

If you like pictures of neatly arranged items, then Fossil’s Instagram is for you. The accessories brand curates food, fashion and influencer feeds of celebrities like James Phelps, generating excitement among viewers if they recognize their favorite actor.

20. Everlane @everlane

Everlane’s account has no shortage of beautiful product imagery, but it also includes photos of its customers wearing their clothes, inspirational travel photography, and suggestions on food and art destinations around the world, giving viewers a complete experience on their profile. provide.

Best Instagram clothing brand: Everlane

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> 21. prophetic @bode

> Bode is known for its quilted jackets and one-of-a-kind clothing items. On Instagram, it shares videos explaining the background and inspiration of its collections, giving followers an insight into the brand, its values ​​and what it stands for.

22. Teva @teva

Teva’s Instagram feed is proof that it’s possible to give your brand a modern update without losing the spirit of what made it a success in the first place. Its feed includes user-generated content from its Shoes Out in the Wild and Sleek product line that highlights new styles.

Best Instagram clothing brand: Teva

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23. Zara @zara

Zara has made a name for itself by emulating the marketing of luxury brands, and its Instagram feed is no exception. Its account resembles a high-fashion magazine, with professional editorial shots of its diverse clothing styles.


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24. Fjallraven @fjallravenofficial

The Instagram feed for Swedish outdoor apparel brand Fjällräven is less about its products and more about the adventurous spirit that has defined the company for nearly 60 years.

Best Instagram clothing brand: Fjallraven

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25. Madewell @madewell

Apparel brand Madewell is known for its comfortable, classic styles, and its Instagram clearly reflects this aesthetic. With dazzling images of their latest products and collaborations, its feed is a fashion lover’s delight.

Best Instagram clothing brand: Madewell

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26. row @Quarrel

Another account that focuses less on its products and more on visual inspiration, The Row features vintage photos of art, architecture, and fashion — only occasionally sharing images and actual products — where they share a brand aesthetic. Which is bigger than what he sells.

Best Instagram Clothing Brands: The Row

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27. Santos by Monica @santosbymonica

Santos by Monica’s Instagram grid is attractive because each post uses the same color scheme and creates a pleasant browsing experience, creating a cohesive brand identity and helping people develop a brand identity for its distinctive color schemes and hues. helps to do.


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28. Carhartt WIP @carharttwip

The Carhartt Work In Progress announced sale on its Instagram profile is a valuable way to ensure that your different audiences are exposed to your brand promotions. For example, if your Instagram followers aren’t subscribed to your mailing list, they won’t receive your newsletter announcing a sale, but they will see it in their feed.

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