18 of the Best AI Chatbots for 2023

Whether on Facebook Messenger, on their website, or even over text messaging, more and more brands are taking advantage of chatbots to serve their customers, market their brands, and even sell their products. are picking up

best ai chatbot

But, the if/then logic that powers the conversational capabilities of many chatbots prevents them from answering unique and innovative questions, which can leave your customers dissatisfied with your customer service.

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Fortunately, the next advancement in chatbot technology that could solve this problem is gaining steam – AI-powered chatbots. In this post, we will discuss what are AI chatbots and how they work and add up the numbers of best AI chatbots to know.

The rise of language models such as GPT and LaMDA (the podcast below discusses how they work) has paved the way for conversational AI chatbots with advanced capabilities that can mimic human conversational style, online information Can discover and produce unique content.

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The most important thing to know about AI chatbot is that it combines ML and NLU to understand what people need and brings the best solutions. Some AI chatbots are better for personal use, such as conducting research, and others are best for business use, such as featuring a chatbot on your website.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best AI chatbots for 2023. Read on to find the right chatbot for you.

1. chatspot

worth: In alpha for HubSpot users

ChatSpot HubSpot Conversational CRM Botimage Source

ChatSpot is the new conversational CRM bot from HubSpot.

key features

  • Chat-based ordering helps sales, marketing and service professionals increase productivity
  • Draft follow-up emails, compile analytics reports, or even prospect
  • Connects to HubSpot software and leverages your existing data

2. chatgpt

worth: Free; ChatGPT Plus $20/month

Best AI Chatbot: ChatGPT

image Source

ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot from OpenAI powered by GPT-4.

key features

  • Uses natural language processing to understand conversation context to provide relatable and original responses in human-like conversations
  • Multiple use cases for things like answering simple questions, getting ideas and inspiration, or generating new content (such as marketing emails)
  • It improves over time as more conversations take place.

3. bing chat

worth: Free (requires Microsoft Edge)

Best AI Chatbot: Bing

image Source

Microsoft describes Bing Chat as an AI-powered co-pilot.

key features

  • Uses NLP and machine learning to understand conversational cues
  • The compose feature can generate original written content and images, and its powerful search engine capabilities can surface answers from across the web.
  • It’s an interactive tool, so you can keep messaging until you’re satisfied

4. forage

worth: Free


image Source

Google’s Bard is a versatile AI chatbot.

key features

  • Powered by Google’s LaMDA (instead of GPT)
  • Use it for things like brainstorming and brainstorming, drafting unique and original content, or getting your questions answered
  • Connected to Google’s website index so that it can access information from across the Internet

Comment: The four chatbots mentioned above are conversational and generative bots best suited for internal business use, such as brainstorming, creating content, and getting answers to your questions. Below we’ll go over AI chatbots that are customer-facing.

5. Dialogue

worth: Get started: $40 /month; Grow: $100 /month; Business: Custom Pricing

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 12.36.45 pm

image Source

Kommunicate is a Human+Chatbot hybrid platform

key features

  • Conversational AI and NLP capabilities, which allow businesses to automate aspects of customer support, such as answering frequently asked questions or routing customers to the right support agent.
  • Offers a range of integration options, allowing businesses to seamlessly incorporate them into their existing workflows.
  • Provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to track and analyze customer interactions and support metrics.

Kommunicate is a platform for real-time, proactive and personalized support for growing businesses. It helps to engage with your customers across omnichannel channels.

6. HubSpot Chatbot Builder

Chatbot Builder with AI Integration - HubSpot

free chatbot builder software

HubSpot has a powerful and easy-to-use chatbot builder Which allows you to automate and scale live chat conversations.

key features

  • Customers can get answers to frequently asked questions, book meetings, and navigate your site.
  • Conversations are stored in your CRM so you can qualify leads and trigger automation flows.
  • Easy integration into your marketing, sales and service tools as HubSpot is a CRM platform.

Keep in mind that HubSpot’s chat builder software does not fall under the “AI chatbot” category of “AI chatbot” because it uses a rule-based system. However, HubSpot does have code snippets, so you can take advantage of powerful AI from third-party NLP-powered bots like communication flow,

7. intercom

worth: starts at $74/month

AI Chatbot - Intercom

image Source

Intercom’s rule-based chatbot lets you create segmented custom messages to share with audiences based on audience behavior.

key features

  • It uses machine learning and behavioral data to respond to site visitors and provide personalized experiences.
  • Use your business data to train bots to complete tasks and provide answers relevant to your business.
  • Code-free builder to easily create a custom branded bot and take advantage of over 250 out-of-the-box integrations.

8. watson assistant

worth: Free – $140/month

AI Chatbot - Watson Assistant

image Source

IBM Watson Assistant is an AI-powered conversational bot that gives you powerful recommendations for further training to get better at its job.

key features

  • NLP and Machine Learning for context gathering.
  • Train it with industry and business-specific data so it can deliver business-relevant information to chatters.
  • It can run on your website, messaging channels, customer service tools, and mobile apps, and you can get started quickly with the low-code builder.

9. opinion

worth: contact for pricing

AI Chatbot - Drift

image Source

Drift is an automation-driven conversational bot that helps you communicate with site visitors based on their behavior.

key features

  • Rule-based and AI chatbot with classifiers that categorize conversations by context for more meaningful conversations.
  • Can handle context switching if the conversation flow or topic changes.
  • Customizable chat widgets for mobile and desktop with useful out-of-the-box integrations.

10. infobeep

worth: contact for pricing

infobep answer pageimage Source

Infobip’s chatbot building platform helps you design your ideal conversation flow with a drag-and-drop builder.

key features

  • AI and machine learning help you train your chatbot.
  • Rule and intent-based bots that understand and repeat the context of an interactive experience.
  • Omnichannel utility for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

11. Botsify

worth: starts at $49/month

Botsify is an easy-to-use chatbot builder with multilingual capabilities.

key features

  • AI and ML-powered self-learning chatbot.
  • Use chatbot forms to collect visitor information for further nurturing.
  • Build chatbots across six services (Website, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WordPress and SMS).

12. Appy Pie Chatbot

worth: Starts at $6/per bot per month

api pie chatbot

Api Pie Chatbot helps you design a wide range of conversational chatbots with no code builder.

key features

  • GPT-3 powered intuitive chatbot with contextual understanding.
  • Leverages your business data to deliver accurate results to queries.
  • Deploy a chatbot on your website or mobile app.

13. bold360

AI Chatbot - Bold360

image Source

Bold360 helps brands build omnichannel chatbots to provide relevant answers to businesses.

key features

  • NLP technology interprets complex language, remembers context and generates natural responses.
  • The chatbot maintains your brand personality and uses your business information to deliver quality and relevant information.
  • Live agent chat routing for conversions that require a human touch.

14. zendesk answer bot

worth: $49/per agent per month

AI Chatbot - Zendesk Chat

image Source

Zendesk Answer Bot integrates with your knowledge base and leverages data to drive quality, omnichannel conversations.

key features

  • Use the Flow builder to create custom AI-powered conversation flows.
  • Deep learning capabilities to contextualize conversations and understand intent.
  • Augmentation for live agents getting insights and suggestions from AI to bring quicker solutions.

15. Salesforce Einstein

worth: Available through cloud products

AI Chatbot - Salesforce Einstein

image Source

Salesforce Einstein is a conversational bot that integrates seamlessly with all Salesforce products.

key features

  • Powered by predictive intelligence and machine learning.
  • Builds contextual understanding and leverages existing Salesforce data to surface the best responses.
  • Routing to human agents for more urgent conversations.

16. liveperson

worth: contact for pricing

AI Chatbot - LivePerson

image Source

LivePerson’s AI chatbot is built on 20+ years of messaging transcripts.

key features

  • Intent Manager uses data to understand the context of the conversation.
  • Create automated conversation flows across various messaging channels (website, mobile app, Apple Business Chat, etc.).
  • Point and click builder to build your bot quickly and seamlessly.

17. inbanta

worth: contact for pricing

AI Chatbot - Inbanta

image Source

Inbanta’s chatbot uses dictionaries and semantic search engines to power the conversations.

key features

  • Its chatbot leverages machine learning and Inbanta’s own NLP engine to detect the context of conversations.
  • Use the dialogue manager to create custom conversation paths.
  • Escalate conversations to live support agents across multiple channels (your website, Slack, etc.).

18. ada

worth: contact for pricing

AI Chatbot - Paid

image Source

Ada is an automated AI chatbot with support for 50+ languages ​​across major channels like Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat.

key features

  • Uses pre-trained machine learning models that you can refine to meet your business needs.
  • Intent detection understands context and uses profiles and metadata to personalize interactions.
  • Connected to your business critical data to bring suitable solutions.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.


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