150+ Best YouTube Channels in Every Category

The great thing about YouTube is that there’s a channel for everyone, whether you want to learn a quick science fact or how to use your new gaming controller.

In this post, we have compiled 158 best channels on YouTube in their most popular and niche categories.

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best youtube news channel

  1. vice president (16.8 million customers)
  2. India TV (34.8 million subscribers)
  3. CNN (15 million members)
  4. Vocal (11.3 million subscribers)
  5. abs-cbn news (43.5 million customers)
  6. inside version (11.7 million subscribers)
  7. ABC News (14.3 million subscribers)
  8. Young Turks (5.4 million customers)
  9. BBC News (14.1 million customers)
  10. AJ+ (1.2 million members)

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