10 How To Videos That Actually Work (And Why)

How-to videos online are an especially compelling way to learn how to do something because the video shows you exactly how to do it.

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we found that 91.9% Of Internet users who enjoy watching videos, 31.3% want how-to videos, and 29.8% want educational videos.

In this post, we’ll explain why how-to videos are so popular and include 10 examples to inspire your next video. video marketing Campaign.

Find How To Videos Are Popular

How To Video Example

best how to videos

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Find popular how-to videos

As mentioned, how-to videos are popular because they show users how to complete tasks. However, it’s not just consumers who benefit from how-to videos.

How-to videos are a great way to establish your brand as an expert in its industry, and they can showcase the unique features of your product or service.

According to WyzOwl’s 2023 Video Marketing Statistics Report96% of video marketers say that video has increased users’ understanding of their product or service.

Ahead, 87% Video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website, and 80% Let’s say the video directly increased sales.

How To Video Example

Below are five great how-to videos, and you can apply them to your own videos.

1. How to do push-ups

If you’re like me and lack upper body strength, you probably have a hard time doing push-ups. Luckily, Hybrid Calisthenes posts videos showing how viewers can work on a variety of exercises, including push-ups.

This how-to video walks you through different ways to work up to push-ups and offers solutions to some problems viewers may encounter, like wrist pain.

When creating how-to videos for your brand, be proactive and consider the different struggles consumers may face when learning how to do something. Make sure your video provides solutions.

Another takeaway from this video is its title, “You can do pushups, my friend!” When naming your video, you don’t have to stick to the traditional “How to ___” format.

Be adventurous and think out of the box when formatting your videos to be SEO-friendly.

2. How to Prep Your Skin for a Non-Cakey Foundation

Remember, how-to videos are exceptional at providing information about your product or service.

For example, makeup brand Fenty Beauty posts videos showing viewers how their products can achieve different looks or solve common problems.

For example, applying cakey foundation is a common concern for many makeup users. The video below shows viewers how to prep your skin to avoid the problem with Fenty products.

Think about a problem your audience may face frequently. Create a ‘how to’ video showing your audience how the product or service solves a problem.

3. How to Learn Python Faster with ChatGPT

This video by data scientist Sundas Khalid shows viewers how to learn a coding language using ChatGPT.

The main takeaway from this video is how Sundas uses very simple, easy language to describe something that may initially seem difficult and complicated.

She also uses emoji, stock images, and her own screen recordings using ChatGPT to help viewers visualize the work better.

When creating how-to videos, avoid using jargon or complicated language – and use imagery to better illustrate your point.

4. How to move from 0 on Instagram

In this how-to video, content creator Jade Benson explains how to grow your Instagram channel from zero followers to 10,000.

This video is excellent for people early in their Instagram marketing or creator journey and provides comprehensive steps to reach their goals.

In your how to video, think about new consumers in your area who don’t know where to start. Think about making how-to videos for them and how you can break down tasks into simple steps they can follow.

5. How To Increase Your Reels Views

Again, you don’t have to stick to the “How to ____” title format. In fact, it can be helpful for your audience to know that they will get the information they need within a few tips or steps. Take the below video as an example.

Content creator Modern Milly gives five tips to increase views of your reels.

best how to videos

Below are some great how-to videos to get you thinking about your marketing campaign.

6. How to Make Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

You Suck At Cooking is a channel that shows people how to cook various meals and snacks in a very unconventional way. Its videos include irreverent humor, random skits, fun music breaks, and the creator’s unique personality.

Your ‘how to’ videos don’t always have to be clinical and boring. Don’t be afraid to add personality and humor to make them stand out.

7. How to Finger Tap on Guitar

In the video above, award-winning guitarist Yvette Young teaches viewers how to two-handed tap on the guitar. The video is for the musical instrument company Sweetwater.

The company frequently posts videos on its channel that show musicians of all levels how to improve their craft.

This video is particularly interesting because guitar lovers often refer to Yvette Young when trying to learn specific techniques – specifically her two-handed tapping technique, which is common in her style of music.

Consider an influential person in your field that your audience might be interested in emulating. Try posting a ‘how to’ video showing your audience how they can achieve that person’s achievements, style or look.

8. How to make a stitch with Lilo & Stitch

Art For Kids Hub is a YouTube channel that posts new art tutorials for kids every week. The target audience of the channel is families and children. Rob Jensen and his kids host its ‘How To’ videos on how to reach their target audience.

Consider getting someone connected to your target audience to host your how-to videos. For example, if you’re a sporting equipment company, you might want to have your videos hosted by an athlete or coach.

9. How to wake up early

Unless you’re a morning person, you’ll probably agree that waking up early can be unpleasant but necessary. This video captures that relatable spirit of the struggle of getting up early and creating a regular routine.

Video host, Maya Lee, shares her struggles with waking up and how she feels when she doesn’t get enough sleep. His experience makes the tips and tricks he shares all the more real.

When creating how-to videos, try to connect with your audience and their struggles so that you can build credibility in your content.

10. How to learn perfect division

Speaking of relatability, the video above teaches viewers to do the absolute split by documenting creator Henry Vo’s journey. The video shows how he went from being unable to do a split to being able to do it in 30 days.

Consider showing someone’s on-the-job learning journey in your how-to videos. Even better, include a specific time frame, such as 30 days, to show viewers that they can achieve their goal with a reasonable amount of time.

How-to videos help increase brand awareness, explain your products or services, and establish credibility among your audience.

Now that you have these examples of great ‘how to’ videos, you’re ready to add the video format to your next marketing campaign.

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